We'll help you find your way. When you face a legal issue, everything can change – we know that at The law Office of Alan Gudeta. With more than 10 years of combined experience in litigating on our clients' behalf, you can rest assured and focus on other areas of your life, instead of finding yourself overwhelmed and worried about your legal case.
Alan Gudeta found himself drawn to the law field; specifically, to the immigration law practice through his personal experience in the United States immigration system. He then pursued a law degree from Boston University and advanced to complete his Juris Dotctor (JD) in the prestigious Boston University. That is why he is currently passionately helping many peoples in immigration proceedings, civil and immigration court and court of appeals. His wealth of knowledge and experience is helping thousands of people find the path to legal citizenship and relieving various other people from their civil, marriage, business and other legal issues at court.


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